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The Struggle to Find, and Use, Your Own Voice

This whole blog writing thing is a lot harder than I thought. I’m generally really good with words and tend to use way more than necessary in almost every situation. To say that I’m a talker is an incredible understatement. You’d think writing blog posts would come easy for me. And yet, you’d be less than correct but not totally wrong either.

I have three different blog posts written right now, however, none of them feel “done” or “right”. I wax eloquent and get all philosophical about the parallels between glass and life and then I end up with three pages of words that I doubt anyone else would want to read. So, I go back and edit and pare down and remove superfluous words (even though they are super fun and add colour), and then all of a sudden, I’m left with a piece that doesn’t sound like me anymore (as Word suggests a more concise way of writing that, and I choose to ignore it).

And so, here I sit. Caught between using my voice, as my voice is … and … using a voice that is more palatable to whomever may come along, so that they’ll like what I wrote and, naturally, like me.

As I write this, here I go, down the rabbit hole of parallels to life in general and the ongoing struggle to be true to oneself v. aligning with “society” and succumbing to the shoulding upon us that comes from all directions. At least, my brain is, but I don’t think I’ll let this post go there.

The older I get, the more I try to stay true to my own voice, while still remaining a decent human being. Take no shit, do no harm, and all that jazz. Not everyone will like what I have to say (or like ME, for that matter) and that’s totally okay. There is no way for me to know if something I say will hit someone wrong or if they’ll simply find me annoying. I want to put myself out there as authentically as I can. From there, Dear Reader, you get to choose whether or not you want to continue stopping by to see what I'm up to with the Dragons and melted glass and how it all relates to this great big world we live in.

Now, excuse me while I go re-revise those three blog posts and put them back into MY voice.

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