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I love to create special pieces upon request.  I’ve been able to create some pretty fun pieces because someone else had an idea.  I will be very honest with my ability to create what you are requesting. If I do not believe that I possess the skill set or the supplies to create what you are looking for, I will let you know up front.   Allow, at minimum, 4-6 weeks for the creation of your piece.  Vendor and supply chain issues, your place in line, and life (in general) all impact the time it can take for your piece to be built.  Custom pieces take time, so plan accordingly.  It is very important that you consider this when requesting something for a specific event.  I reserve the right to decline a request if I do not believe I will be able to fulfill it within your timeframe. If something arises that will delay your piece after I have accepted your order, I will notify you so you can decide if you still want it. 


All commissioned pieces over $100 require a 25% non-refundable deposit, which will be due and payable before work on the piece is commenced. The deposit will be applied to the final piece price.

Product Offerings

This list is to provide you, lovely visitor, with ideas for pieces I have created or can create, should you not find something to your liking already available, or you’d like something created just for you. 

Platters, Plates and Trays:  I can make a range of platters, plates and trays.  Sizes vary, but as of the writing of this description (March 2023), this will range from a 9” square up to 13” x 8” rectangle.

Bowls:  I have several bowl shapes and sizes, ranging from 3” in diameter to 11” in diameter.

Spoon Rests:  I have two shapes:  a wavy rectangle (9”x 4”) or a large bowl with handle (approximately the same size as the rectangle, only shaped like a big spoon).

Trinket Dishes:  I use this description for any dish, that isn’t a bowl or a coaster and is smaller than a plate/platter/tray. I have rectangles and squares ranging from 3” square up to 8” x  4” rectangle. 

Coasters:  Can be shaped so that there is a well for the cup, or can left as a flat piece.  The shaped coasters are 5” square and have a 3” well.

Light Switch Covers:  I can create single and triple toggle covers (probably doubles too, but haven’t tried) that fit standard American (and probably Canadian) light switches.

Nightlights:  Self-explanatory.  I use white bases, usually light sensitive, but can also use a toggle base, if that is your preference.  If you special order a nightlight, please let me know your base choice, as it can be difficult to switch them out.

Business Card holders. Does anyone even have a desk upon which to place a business card holder?  Or business cards to place inside it??  At any rate, I can make them if you do.

Worry Stones, Magnets, Threadminder/Needleminder:  Current shapes: hearts, crosses, squares and circles.  In general, they range from 1” to 2”.  Additionally, they make really lovely shower trinkets for weddings, special events, baby showers.

House Jewelry: Anything that simply adds beauty and charm to your home, and isn’t specifically described elsewhere.

Shelf Sitters:  Basically, it’s simply a piece of art that sits / slides off a shelf. It can stand up or lay down.  It can let the light through (suncatcher-esque) or not.  Really, there are no specific rules here.  (The double sunny side up fried egg (with the crispy bits) you see on this page was created simply because I have an aunt who collects eggs and gave me the challenge..  she wants Eggs Benedict next....oof).

Suncatchers:  This is for anything that lets the light through.  They can hang, stand on a shelf, be set in a pedestal and placed in your garden or yard, hung from your car mirror or a light fixture in the house.

What can I create for you?

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