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In Stock pieces will ship within 10 business days of purchase. If an unforeseen delay arises, you will be notified by email. Note that I am not responsible for any delays which occur after the package has been delivered to the carrier.

Commissions and re-stock requests will be shipped within 10 business days of completion of the piece.  See RE-STOCK or COMMISSIONS for more information.


Red dishes are not generally food safe, due to the use of lead to make red glass.  I do try to create in such a way as to render them useful with food (capping in clear glass accomplishes this goal), however, it isn’t always possible.  I will do my best to note the food safety of a red piece in the description, but if I forget, please simply understand the risk. All dishes and spoon rests are dishwasher safe, hand washing is also perfectly acceptable. It is not recommended that the dishes be used to cook in, but they can be used to serve food. They could crack or break if used in the oven/stove/microwave.  Also, try not to drop them.  Or drop things on them.  (Take it from someone who’s done both.) It usually doesn't end well.  In the event that you DO break a piece, reach out.  There's a chance I can fix it for you!


I try to use white, light-sensitive bases for my nightlights.  Except when I can’t because of supply chain issues.  If you special order a nightlight and would PREFER one base over the other, please let me know up front.  Once the base is installed, it can be difficult to remove and removal has caused the collar to crack or break.  This then causes my patience to break as I attempt to remedy the situation. If it should happen after purchase,  then I would appreciate the opportunity to remedy it for you.  The lightbulbs are standard bulbs that you can find at almost any store that sells lightbulbs.

Please don't wash your nightlights in the dishwasher.  If they need to be cleaned, a soft dry cloth, or a slightly damp one, should suffice to wash off whatever has besmirched it.


If you see something you love but it is out of stock, please reach out to see if I am able to recreate it for you.  Please understand that all pieces are handmade and therefore, exact matches are quite difficult to accomplish.  Vendor and supply issues can impact the availability of certain components, I may no longer have the specific glass in stock or the piece is such that duplication is impossible, I'm sure you get the picture....  I will, however, do my very best to create a reasonable facsimile of the one you loved, if that is your wish.  Also, many pieces could potentially be recreated, using your choice of colours or your specific size request (see additional information regarding commissioned pieces).  Pieces can also be re-created but with a different purpose as well (for example, nightlight designs have become Christmas ornaments and suncatchers and vice versa)


I love to create special pieces upon request.  I’ve been able to create some pretty fun pieces because someone else had an idea.  I will be very honest with my ability to create what you are requesting. If I do not believe that I possess the skill set or the supplies to create what you are looking for, I will let you know up front.   Allow, at minimum, 4-6 weeks for the creation of your piece.  Vendor and supply chain issues, your place in line, and life (in general) all impact the time it can take for your piece to be built.  Custom pieces take time, so plan accordingly.  It is very important that you consider this when requesting something for a specific event.  I reserve the right to decline a request if I do not believe I will be able to fulfill it within your timeframe. If something arises that will delay your piece after I have accepted your order, I will notify you so you can decide if you still want it.  All commissioned pieces over $100, will require a 25% non-refundable deposit due prior to work commencing on the piece. The deposit will be applied to the final piece price.


I will accept returns within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund. You will be responsible for return postage and must provide me with a tracking number.  Once I have received your returned piece, your refund will be issued.


In the unfortunate event that your piece gets broken, do not despair!  Contact me and we can discuss whether or not it can be repaired.  If it can't be repaired but you really love the piece, I can make it into cast Tiny Treasures for you. You will be responsible for postage to and from me and the cost of the repair or re-use as cast Tiny Treasures will depend on the size of the piece. 


I have no intention of selling any of your personal information.

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