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Found In The Wild


You've found yourself a Dragon Egg in the wild! 

You now have a little handheld piece of art ... a Tiny Treasure !

Each Tiny Treasure contained in a Dragon Egg is made by melting (fusing) glass together using a kiln, which is a slightly complicated oven. I have three and I affectionately refer to them as dragons (you can meet them here:  Dragons' Lair).


**Please note, some Tiny Treasures may be small enough to pose a choking hazard**

Where in the Wild?

We (the dragons and I) would love to know where and when you found your Dragon Egg! 

You can also send a photo of your Tiny Treasure to 

How did finding it make you feel?
Meh. It was cool, but whatever.It made me happy.It made me feel special.It absolutely made my day.

Want to Hide Your Own Dragon Eggs?

I found a pretty little paw print on the Carnival Dream in December of 2023


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