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There is a very special purpose behind these spoons.

I have a very Dear Friend who considers herself a Spoonie.  (If you've not heard of the Spoon Theory, please Google it.  Much has been written about it, and therefore, I won't take up space to describe it myself.  She suffers from (among other things as well) Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), which is a debilitating autoimmune disease. It is very slowly stealing her away from herself, her husband, her family and her friends.  Because of our friendship and her willingness to educate and advocate, I’d like to believe that I am getting better at being mindful of the limitations others face, especially those with invisible illnesses like hers.  I hope I’m also becoming a better friend and human being because of her influence in my life.


She doesn’t live close enough to me for me to be actively helpful in her life on a regular basis.  I do what I can in the ways that I can, but I always wish I could do more…..  and this is why I create my Spoons for Savannah.


$5 from the sale of each spoon will be donated in my Dear Friend's honour to Open Medicine Foundation ( which is doing research on ME/CFS and other multi-symptom, complex diseases, including Long Covid.


You can purchase a pre-made spoon, or you can request a special one be made for yourself or for the Spoonie(s) in your life. 


All of these spoons (except for the red ones, which are NOT food safe) can be used as actual spoons, although it is recommended that they not be used for hard or stiff food items like ice cream or honey, as they will very likely break.  Most of them are approximately the same size as a standard teaspoon (as in the kind used for eating, not for measuring dry ingredients). 

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