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Welcome to the Dragons' Lair


Dragon Keeper; Artist; Apprentice; Learner.  I was introduced to this craft by a Dear Friend in 2018.  It remained a simple stress-relief girl's day out activity until 2020, when my husband suggested I create glass tiles for our anticipated bathroom remodel projects.  The bathrooms have not been renovated, and only a few tiles have been created, but I did find a passion and a new path that have taken me in to my second act.


Ahuaha is Māori for creative or creation or to shape/create/form (depending on how it is used in a sentence).  I am NOT Māori, and am still unable to pronounce it properly, so I simply call her Aha! (either way, I think her name is pretty damn perfect.)  She is the face of Second Act Glass, a gorgeous fire breathing blue lady.


Dragon is a Paragon Fusion 16, and is the oldest of the dragons. He's also the first dragon of the thunder.  In his previous life, he helped a glass blower who specialized in bongs (which were quite beautiful). He is laid back, mostly predictable, works hard and helped me launch this business.

Dragon png.png


Elliott is an Evenheat Studio Pro 17.  He is young, flashy and has as much to learn about this craft as I do. (And trust me, the two of us have a LOT to learn!) Even though he has a bit of an ego, he does take his job very seriously.


Flury is an Evenheat STP.  She is the smallest and youngest of the dragons, and little sister to Elliott. Despite her rather "cold" name, she's a hottie: in that she likes to be at least 80-90 degrees hotter than the boys to do her thing. She is perfect for small scale projects, experiments and tests. 

Flury png_edited.png


All of my dragon avatars sprung from the imagination and talent of an amazing artist from Wellington, England named Amy.  She took my ideas and gave them form.  She captured their personalities perfectly and I am grateful to have found her! 

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