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Band-Aid Therapy - FOR REAL!

To most folks, including me, these are just glass balls and squares. (The squares, when fired to a full fuse, become dots. Isn’t glass awesome??)

……except they are SO MUCH more than that…..

These little squares and balls of glass represent legit Band-Aid Therapy for a dear friend of mine. Like, the medically necessary kind of therapy.

She recently had brain surgery and recovery includes tasks that will help her brain re-learn things. So, sorting all those little glass balls into colours? That’s THERAPY for her!!! (PS, she’s been doing this for me all year, she loves it and I love that she does because that means I don’t have to).

So, I have been making the HELL out of dots … it’s not much, I know, but I want to do my part to help her with her rehab and healing.

(PS: Band-Aid Therapy is what I call all sessions in the Dragons' Lair, whether I'm creating by myself or with others)

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