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Recreating Past Pieces

Recently, one of those friends brought me the original spoonrest I made her in April of 2019 and asked me to duplicate it. She wanted one for each side of her stove.

Now. Let’s just think about that particular challenge, shall we?? First: I don’t necessarily have the same types of glass or molds that the studio had at the time. Second: How do you intentionally recreate a piece you have no actual idea how you made in the first place?
AND, I wanted to make it BETTER (since, I think I’m better at the craft now) (lord, I hope I’m better at it now).

Fortunately for me, she loves me dearly (um, at least I think she does) and understood that I may not have all the same glass, I definitely didn’t have the same mold to slump it in, and she thinks I’m better at it now, too.

I did have before and after photos of the original piece and I was able to take more photos and measurements when she brought it to me. And I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a couple of the specialty glasses I used at the studio (one of which isn’t even in production anymore!).
She picked it up today and sent me a side-by-side photo….

So, the question is: did I manage to make it better, while still maintaining the integrity of the original piece?

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