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Pete's Cross

In April of 2018, a young lady in my town died as a result of injuries she received in a car accident. Her nickname was Pete. I had never met her.

One night in 2020, I was literally roused from sleep by an idea and a design concept for a piece that I Had.To.Make for Pete's Mom. I knew it had to have purple in it, as that was Pete's favourite

colour. I knew there needed to be a cross, because Pete's Mom leans heavily on her faith to navigate this new path her life has been forced onto as a result of the loss of her youngest daughter. The rest of the design involved flowers and vines and lavender.

I tried twice to make this piece and both times, the results were ... uninspired. They had the required components. They were relatively arranged in the manner in which the glass told me it was supposed to be arranged. And yet... they were both wrong.

And so, I set the idea of the piece on a shelf in the back of my brain, knowing it would wake me up as often as it thought it needed to (which it did) until I made it…. And also knowing that I would know when I’d given the glass its proper voice. And I was right.

It’s a simple little piece but I am really proud of it. I hope it brings Pete’s Mom comfort each time she looks at it.

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