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Baby's Bear

When I get messages like this, it makes me believe that my art can make a difference…. And that making broken beautiful can mean a million different things…

(Posted with permission and names removed for privacy)….

“So I gave the polar bear pocket heart to my friend ****. Her 8-month-old son died last March and she has been struggling to regain sanity, be a mom to her older kids, etc. I got this message from her this morning:

I really like this pocket heart you got me, thanks again for it. In family therapy yesterday she talked about remembering a lost loved one. She asked if our family could think of ways of reintroducing **** in his new state back into our family. Having the pocket heart helps me do that in a small way. I can't quite articulate it yet.”

Prayers of comfort for this mom from the Dragons and me.
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