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Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Auaha. She is the beauty you see in my logo and she was created just for me by an amazing artist from Wellington, England named Amy Simmonds. (I did not name her, she told Amy her name).
I met Amy when my Favourite Spoonie asked Amy (also a Spoonie) to create a tattoo for us. (She did. And it’s adorable and I can’t wait to actually have it done….) (if you don’t know what a Spoonie is, you can google Spoon Theory ... and then go check out the Spoons for Savannah page) ANYWAY… I knew I wanted a dragon in the logo for my business, so I asked Amy if I could commission a dragon of myveryown. I am so incredibly glad that I did.
Auaha is Māori for creative or creation or to shape/create/form (depending on how it is used in a sentence). I am NOT Māori, and am still unable to pronounce it properly, so I simply call her Aha! (either way, I think her name is pretty damn perfect.)
Here is Amy’s story, in her own words:

"My name is Amy. I was born in Wales, England. Moved to France at 8, then the Netherlands at 17 and moved to Somerset at 18. I did a foundation degree in fine art but my tutor told me I had no hope of a career in art and destroyed my self-confidence, to the point of not picking up pencil or paint to create my own art for the next 15 years!!
Then, at 36, life threw me a curveball and stuck me with an incurable disease and a couple of other autoimmune issues that plonked me in a wheelchair and made me unable to work.
I began to doodle a bit and, as a joke I posted one of my doodles in response to a Facebook request for a custom tattoo design. I was NOT prepared for the overwhelming response and now several people in the world now sport that very design!! [note from B: this is not the dragon tattoo she created for us]
I have slowly grown in confidence thanks to a fabulous group of online friends and their ongoing support and kindness. I now take on small commissions and love helping people bring their imaginings to life. [note from B: I have TWO!!] I've done business logos, portraits, children’s’ book illustrations, book covers and created fantasy maps. I am open to discussing any project!! "
You can find more of Amy’s art at:

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