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I'm so happy you're here

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to Second Act Glass, a place for me to showcase what has become my sanity's saving grace. I hope something contained in these pages (or that I can create just for you) will bring you joy as well.

Why Second Act Glass? Well, because when I started this journey, I could almost see the whites of Fifty's eyes and I had been in my chosen profession for 20+ years. Quite frankly, it no longer held the satisfaction and accomplishment it once did. And it absolutely has never made me squiggly joyful. When I realized how transformative it was to play with broken glass, I had to really stop and pay attention. Breaking glass and building it back into something totally different and beautiful puts me in a Zen place like nothing else does (not even scotch, y'all! And seriously, that's HUGE). It can take me from being intensely stressed and frenetic to chill and peaceful in no time at all. (actually, it's probably like an hour or two, but you know. Same.)
And yes, I am fully aware that the initials are SAG. But you know what? That's absolutely apropos. Again: staring 50 down, Gravity IS paying attention and, sag is just another word for slump, which is what I have to do to a lot of the pieces to get them into their final form.

This is a Second Act for me. And someday, maybe it'll even make me more money than I spend on it. (that's why I'm glad you're here!)

Enjoy your visit! If you don’t see a piece that you just have to have, maybe I can create a custom one for you.

Shoot an email to and let’s talk!

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